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  • Safecall, Whistleblowing Hotline, Whistleblower Services, Provider, Training, Investigations

    If you’re a whistleblower, you shouldn’t be treated unfairly or lose your job because you reported the problem. The Compliance Officer of the Südzucker AG only processes personal data which are objectively essen- tial in order to examine, confirm or eliminate grounds for suspicion. No sensitive personal details such as ethnic origin, political views, religious…

  • An Effective Approach To Managing Whistleblowing Systems

    Due to this equality of internal and external reporting channels, companies are well advised to establish an effective internal whistleblower reporting channel like a whistleblowing system. The advantage of internal reporting is obvious, because it cannot be in a company’s interest that actual or even alleged violations lead to government investigations and, in case of…

  • Data Protection & Privacy

    Northdoor plc is a leading corporate IT consultancy and solutions organisation with almost 30 years of experience serving clients across multiple industries, from start-ups to large blue chip firms. Building on our data management and governance experience, Northdoor has developed deep expertise in the data protection law through both research and direct engagement with clients.…

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